Árbore da Veira

Árbore da Veira

Food Truck


Baguette with pork roasted at 79°C, spiced yoghurt sauce, red onion and dried tomatoes

Baguette with panceta, pork jowl and ribs with aromatic herbs

“Hot dog” with bacon sauce, crunchy onions, straw potatoes and cheese

Golden ball of passion fruit, vanilla and white chocolate

Our Calippo-style strawberry ice cream

Chocolate cream with a milk foam and biscuits


2 – 5 euros


Michelin starred chef Luis Veira (Árbore da Veira) takes his food to the streets with the food truck O xardín da Árbore’. The know-how of Veira and his head chef, Iria Espinosa, allow them to bring their gastronomy closer to the general public, so they can enjoy the produce of our lands in delicious, innovative baguettes.