Tribute to Picadillo I (Cooking demonstration)

Tribute to Picadillo I (Cooking demonstration)

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Pablo Gallego, Antonio Amenedo and Álvaro Victoriano


Sunday 17 June / 13:10 – 13:40

No registration needed. Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

Manuel María Puga e Parga, more commonly known as Picadillo, was the mayor of A Coruña from 1915 to 1917. In addition to a politician, he was a writer, gourmand and considered by people as a great person. The mix of these skills gave way to successful publications such as A cociña popular galega e algunhas receitas para coresmaPote aldeanoLa cocina práctica36 maneras de guisar el bacalao and Vigilia reservada.

Extremely popular, he stood out for his ingenuity and the sense of humour that he applied, not just to politics and cuisine, but also when referring to himself. Always in defence of popular life, and, whenever he could, he advocated for cod, sardines and lacón with rapini instead of the more elaborate cuisine from other countries that was so in fashion among high society at the time.

For 16 years, A Coruña has paid tribute to him in the Picadillo Tapas Competition.

Pablo Gallego

Can you be a renowned classic of the cuisine of a city and at the same time stay at the forefront? Pablo Gallego is proof that you can. It is possible to have the name and recognition that are only granted after years in the business, whilst also continuing to be a launching pad for a cuisine with roots and a lot of common sense. A Coruña gastronomy owes Pablo, and his restaurant Pablo Gallego, many memorable days and a great deal of fantastic dishes, but it also owes them – and this is not very common- a whole generation of chefs that were forged in their kitchens and that today share their concerns and will to continue advancing with the association Coruña Cociña.

Antonio Amenedo

It is interesting how Antonio Amenedo’s cuisine transmits calm and a lack of rushing, when he is someone who always talks quickly, does not know how to be still, is capable of getting on a plane to discover a restaurant on the other side of the world and spends his free time riding a bike. But as if by magic this almost hurried character creates calm, collected dishes, served in the magical surroundings of the Pazo de Santa Cruz de Mondoi restaurant. It is perhaps that duality that always evokes affection and brings a smile to other chef’s faces when his name is mentioned.

Álvaro Victoriano

The Asturian Álvaro Victoriano took his first culinary steps at the Casino de Madrid as a kitchen assistant. It was the restaurant Jockey, one of the most important in Madrid, which consolidated Álvaro as a reputable chef.

In love with prime Galician ingredients, he decided to commit to A Coruña, taking a jump towards the Atlantic Ocean at the hands of the restaurant “El de Alberto” where he was head chef for two years, achieving a mention in the Michelin Guide. In 2015 he joined Grupo 57 in A Coruña as the Gastronomic Director, where he carried out the launching of Atlántico 57 in front of the Riazor beach.

At present, and since May 2017, his is the co-owner of the restaurant “Peculiar” in A Coruña; a space of creation, vocation, fusion and innovation in the city.