Workshop “Atlantic Bakers II”

Workshop “Atlantic Bakers II”

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Pan da Moa


Saturday 16 June / 16:15 – 16:45

No registration needed Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

Pan da Moa tries to evoke the nostalgia, the sincerity in flavours, the crunchy crusts, the smells of a well-made bread and the sweet, delicious crumbs that led to the fame of Galician bread.

The brand seeks excellence and balance of sensations, with a philosophy in which using 100% natural ingredients, artisan processes and the ovens from years ago take priority, all with an idea that gives all the products elegance and undoubted style.

With the obligation to follow tradition, this makes the roots make the difference, keeping to the path marked out by the fame of the bread from Santiago de Compostela. Because Galicia has made trends in the world of soft, moist dough. Pan da Moa keeps to tradition with the percentages of water and the quality of the flour, but they apply trademark that differentiates them. This is achieved thanks to prolonged fermentation times and the use of natural sourdough, as well as the passion and know-how of their bakers.