Workshop “Atlantic Cheese Makers II”

Workshop “Atlantic Cheese Makers II”

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Airas Moniz


Saturday 16 June / 17:45 – 18:15

No registration needed. Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

Outeiro SC is a family company located in the heart of Galicia, Chantada (Lugo), dedicated to the artisan creation of dairy products. In the 1980s it bet on genetic improvements, converting its operation into a cutting edge one in Galicia. It has now decided to go back to its roots, going from an intensive production model to another based on grazing as a way of reducing costs and transformation as a way of getting an increased profitability from the milk.

With this aim, since 2016 cheese started to be produced under the brand Airas Moniz. It is made with milk from Jersey cattle, whose fat globules are very big and are separated into two sets. Butter is made from the cream that rises to the top, and with the rest, cottage cheese and three other varieties of cheese are made. Through this separation, although Jersey cattle produces a lot of fat matter, the final product is a low fat cheese (with only 28% fat, 10 points below the majority of Galician cheeses).

Airas Moniz has three types on the market: Terra, a soft cheese, Cíthara, a semi-cooked, pressed cheese similar to gouda that has matured for between 6 to 12 months, depending on the weight, and Savel, a blue cheese. In 2017 Terra was awarded with the bronze medal from the Salón Gourmet de Madrid.