Workshop “Vegetable Preserves”

Workshop “Vegetable Preserves”

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Friday 15 June / 18:45 – 19:15

No registration needed. Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

From its beginnings ACASTREXA has focused on the creation of its vegetable preserves, following traditional creation processes and searching for quality and innovation.

ACASTREXA was born not just with the ideas or means of life, but rather a way of knowing how to do things and day to day work. Its wisdom comes from long ago, from the Greek Ages, gathered in the book De re coquinaria by Marco Gavio Apicio, a great Roman gourmand.

The company mainly works with prime, natural, native ingredients, identifying its products with Galicia, its surroundings, its culture, its folklore and its language. ACASTREXA are true artisans, their products and packaging are made by hand, and as such their production is limited.