Iván Domínguez

Iván Domínguez

Cooking demonstration


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Cooking demonstration

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Saturday 16 June / 17:15 – 18:00


SAL Stage


Iván Domínguez is chef at the restaurant Alborada, which has held a Michelin Star since 2011. His cuisine is from A Coruña, he is a great ambassador of Atlantic produce and he stands out for his simplicity and use of fresh, native produce, particularly the “poor-man’s fish”. His professional career and discovering of the kitchen started in the Armed Forces, where he worked as a cook in the Army. After this experience, he studied at the hospitality school Fragas do Eume. When he finished, he started to work at Casa Marcelo, where he was head chef for 7 years.

He nurtured his curiosity for the freshest produce and the roots of the land at O Loxe Mareiro in Carril (Pontevedra) and at O Retiro da Costiña in Santa Comba (A Coruña). In 2014 he took up the role of gastronomic director for the Grupo Alborada, marking the gastronomic offerings of all its restaurants, including Alabaster in Madrid and Arallo Taberna in A Coruña and Madrid.