Mercado de la cosecha

Mercado de la cosecha


Farmers are an essential part of Galician cooking. The dishes at the SAL Festival are committed to products from the land, their proximity and quality. Without the farmers- the first link in the chain- the Atlantic flavours would not make sense. Or at least our taste buds would notice!

The Mercado de la Cosecha comes to the SAL Festival to bring visibility to the produce “inspired” by rural Galicia. This is a social project launched by Hijos de Rivera that aims to boost socio-economic development in rural Galicia. It does so by the dissemination of initiatives that have one thing in common: the elaboration of unique, high quality, sustainable produce that adds a differential value to rural communities.

Find out about the range of initiatives from the Mercado de la Cosecha here.


A Place to Discover

So that the public can get to know Galician farmers up close, the SAL Festival has reserved a #ruralmode area for the Mercado de la Cosecha. Here there will be brands such as Maeloc, Ponte da Boga, Casa Grande de Xanceda, Galo Celta, Calabizo, Horta de Teodoro, Abella Lupa, Amorodo, Arqueixal, Bico de Xeado, Castañas Naiciña, Cortes de Muar, Milhulloa, Kalekói, Daveiga, Orballo and Pazo de Vilane.

A Place to Taste

Whilst you discover this area at the SAL Festival, you will be able to enjoy cider from Maeloc, which is made traditionally with 100% Galician apples. Furthermore there will be tastings and samples that you can sign up to on the day.

There will also be an area for sales, where all the Mercado de la Cosecha initiatives will be present. Take the best produce from rural Galicia home with you!