Workshop “Atlantic Seaweed”

Workshop “Atlantic Seaweed”

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Tino Otero and Miguel Silvarredonda (Porto-Muiños)


Saturday 16 June / 14:45 – 15:15

No registration needed. Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

Tino Otero is a calm cook, a family man, and a photography lover whose professional career has been marked by the closeness to the sea.  After passing through various kitchens in Plymouth (United Kingdom) and La Rochelle (France) he returned to A Coruña, to the restaurant Pablo Gallego, where he ended up staying for 16 years. After that stage his professional mind turned to the sea once again, and specifically seaweed, which is what he currently focuses on, collaborating in the search for new culinary possibilities for this marine product and working at the same time on its popularization through the organisation Aula de Cocina Porto-Muiños.

Porto-Muiños is a family company that started to trade with seaweed in 1998. During the first years it was processed in order to trade dried and preserved seaweed, but these days you can also find powdered, cured and fresh seaweed among its products. They are distributed all throughout Spain and in different countries across the five continents.

As well as being healthy and nutritious, seaweed has flavours, textures and colours that make it very versatile in the kitchen. Along the coastline of A Coruña many different species can be found, however very few are commercialised for dietary purposes. It is a whole new world to discover, and that is what Aula de cocina Porto-Muiños does: see, try, smell, touch, create, discover, research, enjoy… understanding cooking as a process that has no end. Its research, gastronomical experiments and recipes are also available to the public, thus providing the market with products that have all the taste and richness of the Atlantic.