Workshop “Galicia – El Salvador: A Round Trip”

Workshop “Galicia – El Salvador: A Round Trip”

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Cafés Siboney + The Finca Villa Galician Farm


Saturday 16 June / 12:30 – 13:00

No registration needed. Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

The philosophy of Cafés Siboney is based on knowledge, passion and respect of the coffee and field workers, whose efforts ensure the best harvests, and in continuing to work in a way that was excitedly begun 50 years ago.

Generation after generation, its business targets have not been to lead sales, but to roast beans from the best origins in order to improve the quality of the coffee that is drunk in Galicia. In order to guarantee this quality, they know in situ, all the processes that the coffee goes through. That is why throughout the year they travel to coffee producing countries, visiting the farms and cooperatives that they work with, in search of interesting varieties with their own personality.

In fact, at the SAL Festival, Siboney will take the variety Villa Galicia to the public; this is a new coffee from El Salvador with intense aromas of strawberries and chocolate. It has a creamy body and a rounded, fruity acidity. With sweet notes of sugared almonds and honey, and fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry and ripe pineapple. It has an intense after taste with hints of dark chocolate.